2021 Guest Speakers: Podcast

The Baltimore Ski Club sponsored a ski-industry teleconference on February 4, and the conversation was preserved as a podcast. Guest speakers included:

Linda Irvin,
Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Ski Areas Association.

Ashley Seier,
Marketing Director for Blue Mountain (PA).

Joe Stevens,
Executive Director, West Virginia Ski Areas Association.

Tom Price,
Director of Operations, Timberline Resort (WVA).

Mary Jo Tarallo, (Moderator and Past BSC President).
Current Contributing Editor for The Snow Industry Letter.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Pennsylvania and West Virginia have seen significant changes to their ski and snowboard landscapes this past year. Linda and Joe offered updates on how their respective states are handling changes brought about by new management and the pandemic. Ashley and Tom addressed updates on their respective mountains both of which are privately owned.

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