No worries, let’s go skiing and boarding!

Do you want to go skiing or boarding but don’t have a roommate and the price tag scares you?
Did you know that all Baltimore Ski club trips have easy payment plans? That’s right, you don’t have to come up with the full amount when you sign up for a trip.

Easy payments are spread out over several months in affordable increments which are a lot easier on your wallet and much more manageable.

No roommate, no worries! Don’t be afraid to sign up for a trip on your own. We have a very diverse membership and many folks sign up as a single. We will match you up with a compatible roommate based on gender, age and common interests. If you prefer a room to yourself, the trip leader will gladly accommodate you including a commensurate rate increase for the single.

After your first trip you will have many new friends for future skiing adventures! Don’t miss out on the fun, making new friends and some great trips! Check us out today!

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