Cancellation Policy

The Club does not intend to unduly penalize a trip participant who cancels from a BSC trip. However, other trip participants should not have to incur additional costs due to your cancellation.

Deposits and payments made toward the trip reservations being cancelled will be held until such time as a determination can be made that the Club or trip participants will not incur additional costs due to non-recoverable costs.
Non-recoverable costs are defined as those that are associated with the trip that due to contractual obligations cannot be recovered when the individual cancels his/her trip. Non-recoverable also include those costs associated with replacing a person or persons on a trip (i.e., name change charges on airline tickets, etc.) Refunds, if any, will be made based on the non-recoverable involved plus a cancellation fee. Cancellation costs will not exceed the cost of the trip. Club cancellation fee will be dropped if non-recoverable costs exceed 50% of the trip cost.

Replacement of a trip participant by a trip participant is strictly prohibited. Only the Trip Leader or Assistant Trip Leader can replace a trip participant who is unable to go on the trip. The canceling trip participant may suggest a replacement candidate to the trip leader or assistant trip leader, however the canceling trip participant is responsible for the cancellation fee (if applicable) and any non-recoverable costs.
Be sure to know the cancellation dates in relation to the trip you select so that you can avoid monetary losses. The following cancellation policy in is effect in relation to BSC trips.

More than 125 days before departure $0 + any Non-Recoverables
More than 110 days before departure $10 or Non-Recoverables (whichever is greater)
More than 80 days before departure $25 or Non-Recoverables (whichever is greater)
80 days or less before departure $35 or Non-Recoverables (whichever is greater)